At her wits end living in Italy and a fortune teller later, Stephanie Pinnock, founder of TCOYDS knew her time was finito. 

She set off to the Middle East on a “can I live in this joint” reconnaissance journey, finding herself in the UAE. And as it has been on her many travels, she immersed herself in the local culture. She got right into learning about the beautiful Emirati culture and one day found herself in one of the many Perfume Souks. It was there that her deep love of perfume oils started to bud and her journey to Perfume Lady began. Buying a few as gifts for herself she headed back to Milano. In almost a decade of living in Italia, Italians in the street would compliment her on her beauty only and nothing else. Until the day Stephanie started wearing the perfume oils! Heads would whip around saying “mmm tuo profumo è spettacolare!”. Italians in-the-know have a remarkable sense of style, taste in the culinary arts and of course, la dolce vita.

This is when Stephanie knew she was going to sell perfume oils in the markets where it wasn’t really mainstream. This is when she knew that there was much more to these rich oils. And by the name of her brand TCOYDS - Take Care of Your Damn Self, she reset her business focus!

Fast forward to now, where a plethora of customer testimonials fill her DM’s. “The best sex I’ve ever had!” “My husband apologised for everything after one sniff”The taxi driver stopped me dead in the street to ask what perfume I was wearing and said to me,‘wear that always because it’s amazing on you!’ “
“She knows I’m gay and she was still trying to get some!”
So with 6 beautiful perfume oils in her collection, coupled with their cheeky names, she set off proper. After the universe made her redundant twice, telling her “that’s enough pussyfooting around working for others!
You came here to do something, now do it!”, well here she is!
Welcome to getting compliments, being empowered, getting some action, and Taking Care of Your Damn Self!