MY PHEROMONES Perfume Oil 10ml
MY PHEROMONES Perfume Oil 10ml

MY PHEROMONES Perfume Oil 10ml

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 MY PHEROMONES - Perfume Oil 10ml with Wand Applicator

As your natural pheromones prance around the atmosphere without you even realising their potential, here comes this blend of ammunition to add to your body. Bold musk, essence of leather, Indian & Cambodian wood and amber, permeant the senses as you carry this blend knowing all too well you’ll leave someone discombobulated.

You may just get called into HR... Are they ready?



Discretion - Keep your perfume oils away from direct sunlight to preserve their strength. Please try and keep your perfume bottles in an upright position when not   in use. With normal usage (not being overly thirsty with the roller as a little goes a long way) the roller bottle will not leak. If the tip has excess oil accumulated, simply wipe that on your wrist and smear it wherever you feel on your body. We are not liable for any damages caused by a possible leak.