TUBEROSE w/ dropper wand
TUBEROSE w/ dropper wand

TUBEROSE w/ dropper wand

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We've added another intoxicating floral aphrodisiac to the collection for fun becuase why, not right?! Potent & rich, Tuberose is one of those heart-note florals that is found mixed into high-end eau de parfums. Zero diluting here, we give you the absoulte of it. 


1 to 2 drops to start, until you find your limits and you're not floating into the atmosphere. It is an aphrodisiac so do go slow with your usage. 
Helps highten creativity, calmness and alleviate depression. 
Your Crown & Root Chakras will thank you regardless of whichever direction you'll 
gravitate to. 


Do not operate heavy equipment while using Tuberose or be in the presence of others while they operate heavy machinery. 
This absolute oil can create a state of euphoria. 
 If signs of irritation occur, discontinue use immediately.
If irritation continues contact a doctor. Keep out of reach of children because they stay wildin. Store at room temperature and keep the bottle out of direct sunlight to
maintain its strength.
For external use only 

10ML ℮ 0.34 fl.oz. 

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